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Let’s Get Loud… but in our heads

Over 102 million people tuned in to watch the 2020 Super Bowl. As a Miami transplant who fell in love with the “passionate” fandom of Philadelphia sports, I was especially eager to tune in and watch my hometown shine. From … Continue reading

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Good Night, Sweet Prince: Mr. Peanut is Dead

On Wednesday, January 22, Planters released what appeared to be the set-up for their big Super Bowl commercial. The quick, star-studded 30 second clip pictured Mr. Peanut heroically saving Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh before falling to a dramatic, fiery … Continue reading

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Celebrity Twitter Feuds

If you’ve ever tuned into any social media or entertainment platform, you’ve probably seen the effects the the Kardashian family has had on reality tv, fashion, and celebrity drama. Famous for being millionaires (although their father defending OJ Simpson in … Continue reading

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“Heil Twitler!”

“We need a leader, not a tweeter!” was a very popular chant at the latest protests this week.  Even I carried a sign stating, “Delete our Twitler in Chief!” It’s obvious that many of us in the opposition have a strong … Continue reading

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Outsider Evan recreates a world where he is included using social media in the new broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen

My mom and I spent two days in New York City just before Christmas and got tickets to a new musical on Broadway called Dear Evan Hansen.  Interestingly, the play has a Philadelphia backstory, as co-composer Benj Hasek based some … Continue reading

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How Irresponsible Social Media Use Can Harm Young Adults

It has certainly been interesting growing up with the internet and social media and progressing with it. I remember a time when not having regular access to the internet was normal, and I can remember much more vividly what life … Continue reading

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Oh Tay!

It took less than a day for Twitter to kill Tay, Microsoft’s AI bot that was supposed to interact and engage with people online. The premise seemed innocent enough, a bot that mimicked a teenager and was programmed to learn … Continue reading

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Social Media Wars: Rapper vs Astrophysicist

About a week ago I noticed an incredibly fascinating social media phenomenon, something that has happened before but not quite in the way it unraveled last week.  I am talking about a Twitter war.  We see it fairly often and more … Continue reading

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Politics on Twitter – Painting with a Broad Brush

We each have social media platforms that we use and don’t use. I tend to stick to Facebook, LinkedIn, and occasionally Instagram. This week I took to Twitter to the first time and found myself quickly overwhelmed with sheer volume … Continue reading

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Accentuate the Positive — Mentionology

I love March Madness for several reasons — it unifies the national conversation around something positive namely college basketball, it celebrates the committment and talent of great college athletes and it means spring is almost here.  But, I was intrigued … Continue reading

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