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Strava is Contagious–Who Knew? Christakis Was Right About Our Social Networks and Behavior

    In their groundbreaking work on the social contagion associated with health behavior derived from the Framingham Heart Study, Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler found that behaviors of a friend, a friend of a friend, and even a friend … Continue reading

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“How Your Brain Makes Articles Go Viral”

For every ice bucket challenge, there lay a million other digital initiative hopefuls that never get off the ground. But as has been frustratingly asked in countless company war rooms – WHY!? And how, as we discussed in class, can … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize–What Your Fovea Say About Your Engagement

Software that tracks a viewer’s habits through a monitor attached to the TV offered by TVision Insights. Gladwell traced eye focus back to Sesame Street’s use of the Distractor that measured “stickiness” to the pre-schoolers watching the show in his book, … Continue reading

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Napster Pioneer Funds Institute for Cancer Research Collaboration

  Sean Parker is donating $250 million to start the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and bring researchers together, including Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center. Sean Parker’s early fame was as a disrupter, allowing millions of music fans to share music … Continue reading

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Is it the time for social media education in schools?

Several things from the class last Tuesday gave me a new perspective on seeing social network. One is about the TED talk given by a 12-year-old app developer, Thomas Suarez; the other is about the presentation on “Impact of social … Continue reading

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Be careful on your social media

Yesterday, a news from Daily Trojan caught my eyes, USC Admissions responds to survey on social media. According to the news, the USC Admissions Center claimed that it only looks at applicants’ social media profile in extraordinary cases in response … Continue reading

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Mapping Icelanders’ DNA Finds Gene Tied to Cardiovascular Disease–More Evidence for Precision Medicine

Maps show how common certain risk-causing DNA mutations are around Iceland. “The next big initiative in health care in the western parts of the world is going to come through the use of genetics. You can basically trace all human … Continue reading

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Accentuate the Positive — Mentionology

I love March Madness for several reasons — it unifies the national conversation around something positive namely college basketball, it celebrates the committment and talent of great college athletes and it means spring is almost here.  But, I was intrigued … Continue reading

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The latest social media usage trends from the Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center is an excellent resource to understand the latest internet, tech and social media trends. Their latest report, Social Media Site Usage 2014 is a good place to start to get a snapshot of what Americans are … Continue reading

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Tweeting a Guide to Behavior Management

Twitter recently compiled data that broke down users emotions and behaviors by month and date for 2013.  Not surprisingly,  users were late for work with more regularity on weekdays during summer months than the months in fall, winter, or spring. … Continue reading

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