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Social Pervert Network

Your social media sometimes knows more than you thought, and even more than you know yourself. That is creepy to some extend. One day when I was browsing through Instagram after checked out on amazon to buy a set of … Continue reading

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How to Create Engaging Video Content with Your Phone!

The American Marketing Association reports that by 2019, video content will drive 85% of search traffic in the US. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and video ads have already started to fill social media feeds. With the rise of video, it’s … Continue reading

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Understanding Context, Not Just Words

“Language is the foundation of civilization” a quote taken from a book written by the Amy Adams character in the movie Arrival. Throughout the movie Adams is constantly trying to convey the importance of understanding the context and culture of … Continue reading

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And the Winner isn’t…

ICYMI – On Sunday, February 26th, 2017, ABC aired the 89th annual showing of The Oscars. The night was full of gorgeous gowns and stellar suits donned by Hollywood’s finest. The night was full of outburst of joy and stifled … Continue reading

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Out of Office: Job Training

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we learn, and how social media can effectively support professional development. For the past few years, I’d coached gifted and talented kids in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, the 4Cs of 21st … Continue reading

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The Oscars Fish for Internet Fodder

Last night’s Oscar ceremony was full of memorable moments ranging from Justin Timberlake’s flawless opening performance to the fleet of parachuting candy falling from the ceiling and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Jimmy Kimmel gifted a group of tourists by introducing them … Continue reading

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Crisis Communications in a time of social media

Upon watching Netflix’s most expensive original series to date, The Crown, I was struck by how Winston Churchill handled an urgent public safety conundrum. He received new information around lunchtime, and rushed to get the situation handled by the “next … Continue reading

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It may be crazy to believe, but there is a direct correlation between a person’s social media attitude and their weight loss goals. According to Georgia Tech’s Communications Manager, Ben Snedeker, researchers have proven that dieting success or failure can be predicted … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize–What Your Fovea Say About Your Engagement

Software that tracks a viewer’s habits through a monitor attached to the TV offered by TVision Insights. Gladwell traced eye focus back to Sesame Street’s use of the Distractor that measured “stickiness” to the pre-schoolers watching the show in his book, … Continue reading

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IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

We have all known a little bit about the answering machine–IBM Watson, through the game show Jeopardy! several years ago. As we were amazed, IBM Watson has been providing help in various areas, including medical research. As a matter of fact, … Continue reading

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