Social Pervert Network

Your social media sometimes knows more than you thought, and even more than you know yourself. That is creepy to some extend. One day when I was browsing through Instagram after checked out on amazon to buy a set of headphone for my dad, I surprisingly received tones of sponsored ad from different headphone companies. I got some mad about this. On the one hand I was mad about social media’s ability on checking on our privacy; on the other hand I was mad at myself for those headphone options I ignored but was showed on Instagram. This is how powerful social media is, it can understand your need through your browser history, it can guess the people you might want to know. To be honest, I care less about the privacy it exposed to the world, but I really appreciate the convenient it brings.

However, as I was becoming a “elder” in social media, I discovered there are still things social media failed to know about users. Social media can never tell an user’s characteristic, which can also be understood as a “pervert”. For instance, recently, more and more followers on my Instagram account are pervert accounts, which are “platforms” that provide sex services, or followers that love to post naked pictures of women. I was wondering, why can those account avoid the filter on those social media. So I did a little research and find out that not only on Instagram, apps like Snapchat also is full of weirdos. There are hundreds of different people on twitter and Facebook to expose perverts.

these are indications that represent the failure of social media filter to detect those pervert online!!

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