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Don’t be fooled!

How many times have I buy or go places based on Instagram posts? I have lost count, but one thing for sure, no matter how many time I got fooled by the pretty, attractive photos I have seen on Instagram, … Continue reading

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“Facebook Killer”

Last week, we talked about Facebook Live, and professor Bruce insist that Facebook live is one of the biggest trend in the future, for corporations and for individuals. I couldn’t agree more on it. Live stream make social network more … Continue reading

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Fly the friendly skies

Let’s talk about the incident happened to United Airlines last Sunday. If anyone didn’t get to know the incident, here is a quote from NYtimes and video that was post on twitter about it. “A man on an overbooked United … Continue reading

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Lose Lose Lose Situation

Since we have talked about video as one of the marketing strategy that is widely used by social media expert in different areas. I am hear to talk about YouTube video advertisement this week. As a huge fun of Youtube, … Continue reading

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Crying Clown

As social media is merging into people’s lives, we use social media to post regular pictures of our daily life, post stories of our daily encounters, we have followers, hundreds of it even thousands. The change for nowadays is that … Continue reading

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We are the reporters!

How the world of news reporting is doing their work now? The answer is simple: through social media. I only lived 23 years in this world, but the world of new reporting changed a lot in these 23 years and … Continue reading

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Social Pervert Network

Your social media sometimes knows more than you thought, and even more than you know yourself. That is creepy to some extend. One day when I was browsing through Instagram after checked out on amazon to buy a set of … Continue reading

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