food.jpgIt may be crazy to believe, but there is a direct correlation between a person’s social media attitude and their weight loss goals.

According to Georgia Tech’s Communications Manager, Ben Snedeker, researchers have proven that dieting success or failure can be predicted with a 77% accuracy rate based on words and phrases on the dieter’s Twitter. Assistant Professor Munmun De Choudhury states that those who stick to daily goals have a more positive aspect of the weight loss process and a greater sense of achievement in their social media interaction. Choudhury states the weight loss users are more likely to share healthy recipes, suggest diet tips and report accountability.  The study shows that successful dieters are more socially interactive on social media.

In general, weight loss is easier when you have a support system. If the dieter is feeling discouraged, the large and engaged online community to is there encourage and motivate along the way.  Although this research is based on Twitter activity, dieters use other forms of social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, people who are unsuccessful in meeting weight loss goals, tend to write negative and fearful posts. They lack emotional control of everyday events and activities which leads to falling off the weight loss wagon. From personal experience, social media is a great way to keep yourself accountable in your healthy eating habits and also motivate yourself to continue the journey.


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One Response to #fitfam

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post. My question would be “What else do successful dieters do besides being more social interactive on social media? Do they interact socially with others face-to-face who are or have been successful dieters? What is the extent of their extroversion in terms of their aspirations or objectives?” Here is where I think about Christakis and his book Connected.

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