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“Liking” a death?

Have we changed as a society how we mourn a loss with social media? I believe yes. There is no denying that social media has given us an immediate support system. Continue reading

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Nothing to Report

The ongoing special counsel investigation report about the President and his administration, led by Bob Mueller, was submitted to the Attorney General last Friday. It was the biggest news story of the weekend and possibly the year. For the entire … Continue reading

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Zion Williamson Goes Down in Nikes

The Duke Blue Devil’s star freshman and potential NBA 2019 number one pick, Zion Williamson, attempted a pivot move 34 seconds into February 18’s game against North Carolina. His 6 foot 7 inch tall frame stopped short and his Nike … Continue reading

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Three Super Bowl Ads for Consideration–What Do They Mean in the Age of Trump, If Anything?

Super Bowl commercials are to February’s big game as Santa is to Christmas.  You just have to go see him and his elves. I chose three commercials this year as symbols of the way we are in the era that … Continue reading

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Worst No Call In Sports History?

With less than 2 minutes left in NFC Championship game, New Orleans Saints MVP quarterback Drew Brees threw an incomplete pass to Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis. This pass was incomplete due to the blatant pass interference foul. If the … Continue reading

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The Tiger Effect

The King is back. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer to ever play the game.  Struggling with injuries over the past number of years has kept Tiger, for the … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple, Flyers

Who remembers the truly remarkable sporting news of 1980?  It’s a bit of trick question.  A four-part trick question – but one that every Philly sports fan should know. The first part is easy.  The 1980 Phillies won the World … Continue reading

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Concussions – The NHL’s Ignored Problem

Ice hockey is an extremely physical sport.  With NHL players averaging over 6’1″  and more than 200 pounds and with the ability to skate up to speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour, the capacity for life-altering collisions is … Continue reading

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Emotional Reaction or Poor Sportsmanship?

The Olympic games are charged with emotion.  After a lifetime of preparing to compete on the world stage, athletes are in pursuit of a coveted Olympic medal.  For some, including Jocelyn Larocque as seen above, only Gold will do.  After … Continue reading

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What is Canada really up to?

There is a magic to the Winter Olympic games.  The purity of newly fallen snow.  The crispness of the frozen air.  The sparkling surfaces on which the games are played.  Yet, these winter games are not without their dark side. … Continue reading

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