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Concussions – The NHL’s Ignored Problem

Ice hockey is an extremely physical sport.  With NHL players averaging over 6’1″  and more than 200 pounds and with the ability to skate up to speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour, the capacity for life-altering collisions is … Continue reading

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Emotional Reaction or Poor Sportsmanship?

The Olympic games are charged with emotion.  After a lifetime of preparing to compete on the world stage, athletes are in pursuit of a coveted Olympic medal.  For some, including Jocelyn Larocque as seen above, only Gold will do.  After … Continue reading

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What is Canada really up to?

There is a magic to the Winter Olympic games.  The purity of newly fallen snow.  The crispness of the frozen air.  The sparkling surfaces on which the games are played.  Yet, these winter games are not without their dark side. … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl of Twitter Ads

With Super Bowl Sunday upon us, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the big game is palpable. Living in the Philadelphia area, with the Eagles having a shot at revenge against the Patriots who beat them 13 years ago in Super … Continue reading

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Just not the Pats

Recovering Bills fans carry the yoke of Super Bowls XXV through XXVIII the best we can.  Four straight appearances – an NFL record; all losses.  The one bright spot to come from all our suffering is Buffalonian Vincent Gallo’s critically … Continue reading

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Ah, the Super Bowl.  Is there anything more hype-producing, spirit-raising, or entertaining than the Game of Games?  Of course not!  It has a Grammy worthy halftime show, Oscar caliber celebrity sightings, and grown men knocking the pulp out of each other.  What’s not … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Boomer: Six Stories About the 2018 Grammys I Didn’t Know and Don’t Much Care About (Sorry)

GETTY IMAGES Thanks to the music reporter for the BBC, Mark Savage, I have been let in on “Six Stories” that “I need to know” about the upcoming awards at Madison Square Garden, “including Carrie Fisher’s nomination” ( When you … Continue reading

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