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Disney CEO Speaks Out Against Social Media

The Walt Disney Company’s CEO Bob Iger recently rebuked social media in a speech earlier this week as reported by Variety . He emphasized social media’s fermentation of bias and influence to hate. He was awarded the Humanitarian Award at Simon Wiesenthal … Continue reading

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Why is reddit so popular?

An avid Instagram user and moderately less so Facebook and Twitter user, I’ve always been intrigued by the social media platform called reddit. Incredibly, reddit’s users have been able to create a cross between front page news, memes, and rabbit-hole Internet wandering. … Continue reading

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Michael Avanetti #justdontdoit

Less than a month ago, Nike dodged disaster when Duke basketball star Zion Williamson broke his shoe midgame but was able to play during March Madness. Nike just can’t seem to avoid the limelight. Earlier this week, lawyer Michael Avenatti (who … Continue reading

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Shopping On Social Media

According to, two-thirds of Americans have purchased a product through Amazon. Amazon now accounts for 44% of all online shopping, aka e-commerce. And why wouldn’t it? Amazon has proven to be affordable, customer friendly, and most importantly, have fast delivery. In a … Continue reading

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Challenges sweep the internet and fade out just as quickly. #plank, #icebucketchallenge, and the #tidepodchallenge are among the most popular in recent memory. #trashtag is the latest trending viral challenge. Rather than challenging viewers to perform dangerous and uncomfortable acts … Continue reading

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GoFundMe? Go Fraud Me

The online, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe sees heart wrenching stories of individuals needing financial assistance while fighting cancer or restoring their home after disaster. Money is often donated by family, friends, or members of their community. Never before has an individual … Continue reading

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Celebrity Twitter Feuds

If you’ve ever tuned into any social media or entertainment platform, you’ve probably seen the effects the the Kardashian family has had on reality tv, fashion, and celebrity drama. Famous for being millionaires (although their father defending OJ Simpson in … Continue reading

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