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Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. Like Mario jumping the barrel at just the right moment in an effort to defeat Donkey Kong and save the Princess, getting attention online is a matter of timing.  For personal branding, moments to jump onto a current … Continue reading

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The Tiger Effect

The King is back. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer to ever play the game.  Struggling with injuries over the past number of years has kept Tiger, for the … Continue reading

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A “Black Unicorn’s” Goal to Increase Diversity in Silicon Valley

While on the web, I stumbled across a new social media app that is still in BETA stage but appears quite intriguing.  The app is called STEAMRole, which CEO Clarence Wooten, a self-described “Black Unicorn” of Silicon Valley, compared to Tinder in … Continue reading

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RFID Technology – Advancing Medicine and Convenience, But How Far is Too Far?

No, this is not a new fashion trend, though I would not be surprised if it did become one.  This is a new miniature sensor being developed at the Tufts University School of Engineering.  The device is meant to be mounted … Continue reading

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Group Texts – A Technological Annoyance

Oh, the group text.  How useful you are but how painfully annoying you can be.  We often do not want you but need you in order to efficiently share information with a group of people.  You are like email’s annoying … Continue reading

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Concussions – The NHL’s Ignored Problem

Ice hockey is an extremely physical sport.  With NHL players averaging over 6’1″  and more than 200 pounds and with the ability to skate up to speeds in excess of 20 miles per hour, the capacity for life-altering collisions is … Continue reading

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Emotional Reaction or Poor Sportsmanship?

The Olympic games are charged with emotion.  After a lifetime of preparing to compete on the world stage, athletes are in pursuit of a coveted Olympic medal.  For some, including Jocelyn Larocque as seen above, only Gold will do.  After … Continue reading

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Philly Vegan Eateries

Veganism is growing in popularity and with an expanding list of vegan eateries, Philly is embracing this trend.  In fact, VegNews, a top source for all things vegan, named Philadelphia #3 on their list of top vegan cities, behind L.A. … Continue reading

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Winter Games Bromance

This is what peace looks like.  Or at least this is what it looks like when a Donald Trump and a Kim Jong Un impersonator crash the Winter Games.  During the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl of Twitter Ads

With Super Bowl Sunday upon us, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the big game is palpable. Living in the Philadelphia area, with the Eagles having a shot at revenge against the Patriots who beat them 13 years ago in Super … Continue reading

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