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Slacking on the Job

This weekend kicked off the 2019 NBA Playoffs and it was a not a good start for the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers lost game 1 to the Brooklyn Nets 111-102. Besides the upsetting loss, most of the chatter on social … Continue reading

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Disney CEO Speaks Out Against Social Media

The Walt Disney Company’s CEO Bob Iger recently rebuked social media in a speech earlier this week as reported by Variety . He emphasized social media’s fermentation of bias and influence to hate. He was awarded the Humanitarian Award at Simon Wiesenthal … Continue reading

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Why YouTube Permits Toxic Videos

Several days ago, Bloomberg reported on the pleadings of several YouTube employees who had been trying for years to get the media giant to take more direct action against violent, obscene, or extremist videos. Yet allegedly, the company decided to … Continue reading

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Why influencers have the best chance at defeating terrorism

How does one go about defeating modern terrorist organisations? This question has plagued foreign policy advisers and military strategists for decades. While the United States has had recent military success against ISIS in Syria, terrorist organization are generally very difficult … Continue reading

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Will the World End Without Social Media?

What are the ramifications of a world without social media? At first thought the answer should be: NOTHING! Should a person’s life depend on social media? Should anything change if it magically vanished? At first you would think nothing would change, … Continue reading

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The Florida Man Challenge

Have you taken the Florida Man Challenge? For those not familiar, this simple online “challenge” simply involves searching online for the phrase “Florida Man” plus your month and day of your birthday (such as “Florida Man January 1”) and observing … Continue reading

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Scientists’ study cites social sites spiking silent suffering

On March 14, the Journal of Abnormal Psychology published a paper linking a generational increase in depression, distress, and suicidal thoughts to social media use. Their studies found that, starting in the mid-2000s, there was sharp increase in the rates … Continue reading

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