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Katycats Can Buy Pop Star’s Clothing While She’s Onstage Sunday

  Fans of the princess of pop can now not only hear her roar at her 12 1/2-minute Super Bowl halftime appearance, they can now buy exclusive Perry-branded items across social and Internet channels during her live performance on Feb. 1. … Continue reading

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Why The Super Bowl is More Than Super Bowl Sunday – Pizza’s Sent To Soldiers

** OPERATION PIZZA BOWL 2015 ** The Super Bowl is the biggest media event of the year and what better way to celebrate than giving back to the troops over in Afghanistan.  Rich Products is right in the middle … Continue reading

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Why the Super Bowl is More Than Football

While I do not need any convincing on tuning in to the game itself tomorrow evening, I’ve always been fascinated with how large of a social event the Super Bowl is. It’s an event that for some reason, people with … Continue reading

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Uber’s Success Signals Rise of On-Demand Economy

Who knew a ride-sharing company would signal a business disruption so significant it would give rise to a new category of work–Uberization–work that isn’t full time and where people and jobs are sliced and diced to be slotted when they … Continue reading

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Alibaba Widens Non-Traditional Consumer Credit Ratings

  In what is becoming a fast business disruption to traditional credit ratings–credit scores–Alibaba, the largest e-commerce site in the world with over 100 million customers each day, will tap into its huge databank of consumer records to provide credit … Continue reading

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At 1.4 Billion Monthly Users, Facebook Still Rules Social Media

The headlines focused on Facebook’s skyrocketing expenses in comparison with its sales forecasts, which still beat Wall Street’s expectations, but the real story is in Facebook’s continued rise in monthly users, up 3.2 percent from September to almost 1.4 billion … Continue reading

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Finally, It’s the Moment of Ads

Last Sunday, 4 years after its release, WeChat finally introduced ads to its user’s Moments page (similar to Facebook’s news feed page). It all started with this “What is this?” message from the WeChat Team. The white characters in the … Continue reading

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Negative Tweets could be Fatal!

Finally! This article may help to deter so many of those in the social media world who habitually use these outlets as a diary to negatively rant about anything and everything. Their Tweets may be killing themselves and others! According … Continue reading

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The latest social media usage trends from the Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center is an excellent resource to understand the latest internet, tech and social media trends. Their latest report, Social Media Site Usage 2014 is a good place to start to get a snapshot of what Americans are … Continue reading

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Read this… so you don’t get fined

What makes for a successful Super Bowl Media Day interview? Preparation. Spirit. Energy. …Or you can just give the same answer to any question. Marshawn Lynch’s choice of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” just might make this interview … Continue reading

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