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When is a Gun not a Gun?

Jay Feely’s homage to the “Reggie” scene from Bad Boys 2 drew ire over the weekend. Let’s look at the image through three lenses: comedic value, civic value, and family value. Comedic value In less than 2 days, Jay’s post … Continue reading

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“It’s Just a Country Boy Thing”

I believe that we should have a right to express our allegiance to whatever flag we choose….or NOT! There is no doubt that the Confederate flag is a staunch reminder that this country was (is) divided by the North and … Continue reading

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Can You Dig It?

I believe in the stance that Civil Rights leaders have taken and understand that some of the largest paradoxes I have become aware of is learning the MLK was called a communist for not wanting war, was told that wanting … Continue reading

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During this past semester, I have been focusing this blog on the gun violence issue plaguing our country.  The main theme and take home message has usually been that we need change and both sides of this issue need to … Continue reading

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Not a Fan of the Process but I love my Team

To be honest, I was never a fan of the “Process” i.e. Losing on purpose so that you can increase the chances that your team picks higher in the annual NBA Draft.  “The Process”, affectionately dubbed by the passionate fans … Continue reading

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The Flower Children of the 21st Century: Tweeters and Grammers

Indio, California: population 88, 484. Indio, California during two back to back weekends in April every year: population 88,484 plus 125,000 visitors coming and going. The Coachella Arts and Music Festival has been flooding the town, and surrounding desert on … Continue reading

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A Subscription to Facebook…

So, would you, or wouldn’t you?  Does a subscription to Facebook – a once free online social media platform – sound like something you’d invest in?  If so, what’s the cut-off?  How much would you be willing to pay in … Continue reading

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