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Australia has passed a law against violent content on social media

As reported in Time on last Thursday, Australian lawmakers have determined that social media platforms are accountable for spreading content. The new bill means that if social media platforms do not remove “expeditiously” any violent content, they could be fined … Continue reading

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Nothing to Report

The ongoing special counsel investigation report about the President and his administration, led by Bob Mueller, was submitted to the Attorney General last Friday. It was the biggest news story of the weekend and possibly the year. For the entire … Continue reading

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Dieselgate hits home

This post is part one of a series of ongoing posts.  They will continue until VW/Audi resolves their issues. Many of my friends tell me I am one of the luckiest people they know.  I am healthy, have many great … Continue reading

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Responsible For All of Time

Not Penn (State!): Dean Furda revealed to be Penn State alumnus — Daily Pennsylvanian (@dailypenn) March 25, 2015 Uh-oh, we have a crisis on our hands at Penn. Our beloved Dean Furda has lied and did not attend Penn. … Continue reading

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An Internet of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth

This week marked a major victory for consumers in the battle of net neutrality. The FCC has moved to reclassify Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as Title II entities, known as Common Carriers. This is a hugely controversial move – in fact, … Continue reading

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Social Media: Beyond the post

It is a well known and common practice for companies to refer to social media when evaluating a potential candidate for a position. Anyone familiar with this industry tradition knows to either carefully set their privacy settings for their social network posts, … Continue reading

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Freeze! This is a social media stickup

Where are the good old days in social media when all you had to worry about was spam in your inbox or the occasional disgrntled patron flaming across platforms.  Pity poor  The social media site which enables strangers to … Continue reading

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Authentication – the nagging problem in social media

If you love interacting with people on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.) the question of authentication often rears its head.  How do you know that the person on the other end is who they actually say they are.  … Continue reading

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Are Bloggers Journalists?

When you post on Twitter or Facebook, how are you held responsible for the validity of what you post? Crystal Cox created a website called and posted scathing remarks about a company’s trustee.  When sued, her defense felt that … Continue reading

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