Dieselgate hits home


This post is part one of a series of ongoing posts.  They will continue until VW/Audi resolves their issues.

Many of my friends tell me I am one of the luckiest people they know.  I am healthy, have many great friends and loved ones, a great job, I have traveled the world and I have been fortunate to attend some of the greatest sporting events of all time (Olympics, Superbowls, World Series, Stanley Cups, etc.).  Perhaps I do have a bit of luck on my side, but I also like to think that I have worked hard and put myself in a position to get some of that luck.

At times when you’re lucky or put yourself in a position to be lucky, your luck may just bring you a surprise that may not be so fortunate.  An example is my purchase of a brand new 2015 TDI Audi A7.  The car is beautiful – it should be with such an expensive price tag!  I guess you can say I was lucky to buy it, but now I am dealing with the luck of being in a small group of people to have been lied to and cheated by Audi’s parent company, VW.


In September of 2015, VW was accused of deliberately cheating on diesel emissions and shortly thereafter they admitted their wrongdoings(scandal).  At first they was said it was only the smaller TDI engines that were problematic, but sometime in December it was announced that all VW/Audi/Porsche TDI engines were polluting the air more than government standards.  Unfortunately, my Audi A7 is one of the cars with a polluting engine.

To date, VW/Audi sent me a letter offering me a $500 Debit Card, a $500 credit at Audi dealerships and a couple years roadside assistance to make up for my troubles.  They have also indicated that they are working on a fix, but not to worry because my car is safe and the company will have a fix shortly.

Not only am I waiting on a fix for the emission issue, I am also waiting on a fix for a squeaky brake issue.  Shortly after hitting 10K miles on the car, my front brakes began to squeak pretty loudly.  I took it to the dealer and they said the brakes are fine and that Audi is aware of the squeak issue.  They indicated they are working on a fix.  Not to worry they said, “The car is safe and we are working on a fix.”

In early January I called Audi America to get an update about my issues.  Just like the dealer and the letter, the person I spoke with said, “Do not worry.  Your car is safe and Audi is working on a fix to both problems.  We will get back to you shortly.”  Well, that was a couple months ago and I still have squeaky brakes and the emissions that our breaking the law.  I have not heard from VW/Audi.  I am not the only one affected and clearly the social world is starting to show signs of frustration with VW.

The US government has given VW until March 24th to resolve the emission issue.  I am waiting, but I do not think I will be lucky this time around.  I believe they will not find a sufficient fix and feel my brakes will be squeaking louder than ever in a few weeks.  My frustration level with VW/Audi is HIGH.


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2 Responses to Dieselgate hits home

  1. syd havely says:

    You have identified and are implementing a vital function and tool of social media–collective action. The clip of the “cheat box” was brilliant. It totally took the new VW chief by surprise, embarrassing him. It almost looked staged. Brilliant.

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