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The MOOC Merger

Everyone knows traditional education models are going to change sooner rather than later. In recent news, Sweet Briar College, a small liberal arts college announced it is shutting its doors at the end of the 2015 spring semester. That isn’t … Continue reading

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Entering Your Brain Waves

It’s worth the 6 minutes of your life, I promise. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Is subliminal messaging really this simple? For those of you skipping the video – let me lay it out for you. In the video English illusionist … Continue reading

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ABC’s of Life – Always Be Consuming

Not an April Fools joke. Amazon released the Amazon Dash Button on March 31st and of course we thought it was a joke. In reality Amazon Dash is another way your home can become more connected. Is this brilliant or … Continue reading

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Responsible For All of Time

Not Penn (State!): Dean Furda revealed to be Penn State alumnus — Daily Pennsylvanian (@dailypenn) March 25, 2015 Uh-oh, we have a crisis on our hands at Penn. Our beloved Dean Furda has lied and did not attend Penn. … Continue reading

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Mentor or Bully — Who’s Your Coach?

Is this your image of a coach? Be honest, with March Madness in full swing, while billions of dollars are poured through our economy through a series of college basketball games, there are many that see problems with this infatuation. … Continue reading

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That Moment When You Can’t Come Up With A Catchy Title

We have all seen the transformation of our language and syntax with Twitter, Instagram, memes, basically anywhere our language is abbreviated. That moment of truth when you find out if you still fit into last year’s pairs of shorts… — … Continue reading

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If This Then That! Recipes to make the internet work for you! Continue reading

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