Are Bloggers Journalists?

When you post on Twitter or Facebook, how are you held responsible for the validity of what you post?

Crystal Cox created a website called and posted scathing remarks about a company’s trustee.  When sued, her defense felt that she should be treated as a journalist.  Cox explained that she had an anonymous source and that she should be able to protect them.  After years of legal battles, a court supported her, and determined that she was protected by Oregon Shield Law to protect her source.

Courtney Love, has on several occasions posted scandalous accusations on Twitter.  Most recently, she made statements about the lawyer for her late husband’s estate.  She is being sued for libel.

Although many of us can agree that our understanding of “what is journalism” (and what should be protected as journalistic work) needs to go beyond print – how far should it go?

For more information, view a more detailed discussion via On The Media.

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