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How to use Social Media at Weddings

Social media has left no stone unturned. From creating a Facebook profile for a newborn to having a hashtag at someone’s funeral, we are likely to experience more and more of social media in our lives from cradle to grave. … Continue reading

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“Who gave this son of a b**** his green card?”

With an event like the Oscars, undoubtedly there is going to be a huge social media following giving the actors/actresses/composers/&directors publicity. In the business they say “there is no such thing as bad publicity” but it seems Sunday night Sean … Continue reading

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Let the Numbers Speak

Wanna know how well did this year’s Oscars do on social? Twitter Data team created this cool interactive heat map that recorded the frequency of Oscar related tweets around the globe. For me, it’s amazing to see how people in … Continue reading

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Everyone is a Celebrity – Just Take a Selfie

Selfies. They generate strong emotions. Some love them. Some don’t. Like it or not, as expected, there was an abundance of celebrity selfies and glamourous photos streaming on social media many hours before and after last night’s 2015 Oscars took place. … Continue reading

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Social Media Not A Predictor for Oscar Winners

The article that I read pertaining to social media and the Oscars explored whether the “buzz” generated around the nominees correlated with the winners of each award. This was not the case, but they did find that social media was … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything…

When it comes to succeeding or failing when using social media to build your brand, timing is everything. In’s article ranking the best and worst social media marketing campaigns from last nights Academy Awards, some insight was given with … Continue reading

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Political Free Oscars

In scanning the headlines about social media engagement and the Oscars, I came across this interesting tool which measures the number of Facebook mentions by the minute and by state during the Oscars.  I was interested in watching this reaction … Continue reading

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