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Can you imagine life without Facebook? How about your Facebook Afterlife?

Currently, there are 5 states with legislation surrounding a person’s digital afterlife.  Now, Nebraska is trying to pass a similar law.  It would enable you to give legal rights to your on-line accounts if you should die.  This is not … Continue reading

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Internet Pricing Discrimination

It is an interesting debate whether data aggregators are contributing to “sorting” customers into targeted markets by advertisers, thereby, creating discriminatory pricing for consumers.  Should an advertisement that pops up on your Iphone be considered the final price option, or … Continue reading

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Privacy, Technology and Law

From today’s New York Times Sunday Review section is this article called Piracy, Technology and Law by Barry Friedman. He writes: Every day, those of us who live in the digital world give little bits of ourselves away. On Facebook … Continue reading

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NCAA to schools: Track athlete’s social media

Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist Bob Ford had an interesting column in the paper today called NCAA to schools: Track athletes’s social media. The premise of the article was about how the NCAA is looking to college sports programs to monitor … Continue reading

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