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Social Network May Extend Life–Science Backs Monty Python Song, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

Monty Python’s Flying Circus changed American humor the way the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” changed rock’n’roll in the U.S.  A British invasion of humor and new music.  The silliness DNA of Eric Idle, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Graham … Continue reading

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Communication apps: Security vs. Privacy

With the wave of smartphones, came communication apps.  These apps often bundle many existing types of communication such as text messaging, group chats, video, etc. in to one application that was designed with privacy in mind.  There are dozens of messaging/communication … Continue reading

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Social Media Sadness

A recent article entitled “Me vs. My Social Media Self: Why Gen Z is the Saddest Generation” goes through the story of a college woman who, although smiling on her Instagram feed, was very depressed. A recent study in Pediatrics … Continue reading

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Facebook does civic engagement damage control with Town Hall

It’s an invite anyone who has ever worked in a large organization cringes when they see: the company-wide Town Hall. Leadership will hold a webcast, all will gather, and polished speeches about quarterly results and skirting any mention of layoffs with coded … Continue reading

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The Crowd is Coming … for your job.

Or are they bringing opportunity? They are part of what Deloitte calls, the augmented workforce. Driven by the rapid acceleration of connectivity and cognitive technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, and robotics, the augmented workforce is changing how … Continue reading

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A Vlog on Vlogging and Exactly How Difficult Vlogging Is.

Vlogging is a video based form of blogging.  It hasn’t taken off as quickly as blogging did primarily due to the fact there aren’t enough people learning how to best utilize video shooting and editing abilities. Fortunately for smartphones that … Continue reading

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Buyer Beware: Your Devices are Recording You

Recently, the Amazon Echo smart speaker has been at the center of a murder case which raises lots of questions about consumer privacy and the role that technology can play in our lives. The case revolves around the “accidental” death … Continue reading

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Which Ad Is More Effective?

When you see an ad of a Facebook page, which one will appeal to you more? A or b? As we all would imagine, b would be a personalized advertisement. Usually, showing that a friend endorsed an ad is much … Continue reading

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The Danger of Online Advertising

YouTube, the largest video platform on the Internet today has become one of the main ingredient in the marketing mix for many brands. YouTube has an ability to reach massive audiences in very targeted ways, many of whom have begun … Continue reading

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The Balance of Online and Offline Connections

When Adam spoke to our class last week one of the questions he was asked was if he thought that video and media is too much of a distraction from being in the moment. His answer was that he didn’t … Continue reading

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