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Fly with Me

In our current digital age, we often hear about the popularity of social media influencers and rightfully so. Typically, only the social media influencers who are involved in popular culture or celebrity gossip tend to get most of the focus … Continue reading

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The Best and Brilliance of Geico

Geico Insurance Company is currently pushing a marketing campaign centered on re-running all the “classic” commercials. There’s the “it’s so easy a caveman could do it,” “Bobhadababyitsaboy,” and the camel walking around an office telling people “it’s hump day!” The … Continue reading

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Which is more valuable: your money or your reputation?

Image: Back in the day – first century B.C. –  Publilius Syrus, a prized writer of Caesar’s era quipped, “a good reputation is more valuable than money.” I recognize Caesar himself as an early master of public relations; he … Continue reading

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Brands Seek Authenticity in Best Storytelling Award and Hooking Buyer Emotion

A scene from a short film by Carrie Brownstein that was funded by Kenzo is vying for the Tribeca X Award for “telling stories that make people feel warmly about the brand,” says the chief executive of Tribeca Enterprises. In the … Continue reading

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“Your eyes are more sparkly than a float full of prom queens” – @BenefitBeauty

What brands do you know who help cure your case of the Mondays, and require no purchase to do it? Benefit Cosmetics is one step ahead of the game, firing off dozens of smiles to potential customers everyday. In an era … Continue reading

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State Slogans and Social Media Wrath–Rhode Island’s Example

The beach at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, R.I. “Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer,” a new slogan intended to help the state attract tourists and businesses, encountered a backlash on social media. Credit Elise Amendola/Associated Press It all started innocently enough. … Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Getting Support – part 3

How does a customer get support from a multi-billion dollar company like Audi?  In today’s world there are many options for a customer located in Philadelphia.  You can: Visit the Audi corporate site Contact the Audi America corporate phone number: (800)-822-2834 … Continue reading

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Collective Action Forces SeaWorld to End Killer Whale Breeding

It started with the horrific and terrifying death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld’s Orlando, Florida theme park venue whose public performance with killer whale Tilikum on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 ended with her being dragged underwater and mauled, … Continue reading

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Slyce- A new social media platform for celebrities

As a celebrity, spending the time to engage with fans is a key to building the personal brand. But what if the celebrity is too busy to deal with it? One of the top players in the NBA, Golden State … Continue reading

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Dieselgate hits home

This post is part one of a series of ongoing posts.  They will continue until VW/Audi resolves their issues. Many of my friends tell me I am one of the luckiest people they know.  I am healthy, have many great … Continue reading

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