Dieselgate – Getting Support – part 3

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How does a customer get support from a multi-billion dollar company like Audi?  In today’s world there are many options for a customer located in Philadelphia.  You can:

  1. Visit the Audi corporate site
  2. Contact the Audi America corporate phone number: (800)-822-2834
  3. Visit their facebook page
  4. Send a tweet
  5. Visit their dealership in Cherry Hill, NJ (2261 NJ-70, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002)
  6. Visit Consumer Affairs website

But so far, nothing has worked.  My car continues to squeak and it continues to emit illegal emissions.  I have tried to visit Audi at their dealership, I contacted all of their support channels and I have complained to anyone I can think of.  The answer is still the same.  Please be patient with us.  “We are aware of both of your issues, they are recognized problems within Audi and we have our engineers working on a fix for both.  As soon as we have a solution we will contact you to fix your issues.”

Unfortunately for me and other customers, Audi has the advantage and we are at their mercy.  They are stalling and as each day goes by, the value of our vehicles continues to drop.  It may even be too late.  As a test, I visited two used car dealerships last weekend and asked if they would purchase my vehicle.  Both declined.  I also called the dealership in PA where I purchased my vehicle and asked if they would buy it back.  They said they have TDIs on their lot that they are not allowed to sell at this time and if they bought mine, it would be at a price so low, I’d be a fool.  Their suggestion, just like all the other Audi suggestions, was to – wait and see.

So far, I have been playing by Audi’s rules.  I have reached out to Audi via their support channels and requested help.  I have been patient with Audi and waited for them to contact me with solutions.  The US Government is giving Audi until 3/24 to provide a fix to the emissions problem.  I am doing the same.  On 3/24/16, if I do not have a solid solution in place for both of my issues, I will begin to launch a full anti-Audi social media campaign to inform existing and potential new customers how Audi has been deceptive during the sales and support process.  The Audi Lies website will most likely be coming to life later this week.


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1 Response to Dieselgate – Getting Support – part 3

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’ve kind of made us a captive audience, Marty. Now we are dying to find out what happens with your Audi. Great campaign and good luck with getting their attention. Companies in crisis tend not to make either good decisions short term. Let’s see how they handle your problem and their larger one, the VW defeat mechanism on their diesel engines.

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