“A4 waist Challenges” in China


A popular new social media trend in China is promoting the thin-waist, which is called A4 waist challenge. Women covered their waists by using a A4 paper horizontally, which is about 8.7 inches wide).

The trend started from the Chinese public sharing website, Weibo and many celebrities also followed the challenge and shared their photos on the website. Some of the celebrities are joking about their own body shape saying they are too fat to do that. Below the successful challenging celebrity’s photos, people are worried about their health. Moreover, the experts in the  hospital started to warn people not to be that skeleton-thin.

However, compared with the warning of the experts, women in China cared about their thin-waist rather than their health. The A4 challenge is actually not the first thin-waist challenge on the social media. There is another challenge called belly button challenge which requires you to touch their navels by reaching around their backs.

55e736d12f2eb938245ff07ed0628535e5dd6f08However, there are quite a lot people criticizing the challenge to be a completely stupid challenge. They thought that people on social media are using it as a chance to slam and parody a ridiculous trends.

Regardless of the critique of the media. It is a successful social media champaign. Many people got involved and celebrities started to share their photos for free. No advertising cost. And the people who started the challenge became popular on the Weibo. However, there is something needed to be done if she wanted the champaign to be more successful. She needed to handle the critiques of unhealthy lifestyle.

Social media platform is a place where it amplify people’s value. And it is harmful to spread some unhealthy value to the public. people used their humor to fight agaadcb3b87e950352ac52bae475443fbf2b3118bebinst the A4 challenge.

People started to share photos comparing the A4 paper with the water bucket . The Chinese on the A4 paper saying “the A4 waist is also called bucket waist, please share and let more people know that”

It is a good humor to fight back, asking people not to share the dumb A4 waist photo.


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One Response to “A4 waist Challenges” in China

  1. sydhavely says:

    An equally relevant anti-thin campaign was launched against the modeling industry, saying such scarecrow models encouraged young women’s anorexic behavior. As I scan the Sunday magazines or fashion magazines, thin reigns supreme, despite Size Plus models or other efforts to say that there is no one size that says, particularly one that can be attained only by near-starvation that should be equated with high fashion, beauty, or more importantly, one’s self image. Well done, Xiwen.

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