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A social media-centric approach to car ownership programs

Car ownership programs have one thing in common – their goal is to place working cars into the hands of families and individuals that would not otherwise be able to afford them. Two operating models of dominate the landscape.  The … Continue reading

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Internet for All: Global Internet Solutions and their Future Impact

Around 40% of the global population has internet access (Internet Live Stats). There are obvious benefits to increasing access that extend from increasing a buying market, to providing access to micro-loans to poor populations, to providing education to the world, and … Continue reading

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Homework, Homework, Homework!

I was never sure how I felt about digital fundraising platforms like Kickstarter, Crowdsourcing, GoFundMe, etc. It always looked a bit suspicious to me. I felt, “Why are people getting online asking strangers for money to fund their own personal … Continue reading

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Is it efficient to do fundraising on Social Media?

Nowadays, we always can hear some successful stories about online crowdfunding. Therefore, many people thought crowdfunding and social media made fundraiser to raise money more easily, but few of people tried it by themselves in real life. Two weeks before, … Continue reading

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Non-Profits and Social Media

Having a strong online presence is important for non-profit organizations, especially for those whose causes rely heavily on their supporters. Although effective social media requires constant time and effort, the attention that a non-profit can garner along with the connections … Continue reading

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Demistifying the Power of Social Media in Higher Ed Fundraising

The question of whether social media can have a real ROI in higher education fundraising has been answered with a resounding YES.  Columbia University was one of the front-runners that illustrated there are great rewards associated with developing a thoughtful, digitally … Continue reading

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J.C. Penney Debuts Second-Screen Engagement During the Oscars

We know you're not just some lines on a page. That's why we made #JCPLookBook. #JCPStyle — JCPenney (@jcpenney) February 23, 2015 User-generated content, real-time engagement, a charity component, gamification – all of these pieces can contribute to … Continue reading

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I want to be part of the crowd! I also want to make money!

So if you want to make money, particularly in the stock market  an old adage says don’t follow the crowd they’ll lead you over a cliff.  However, the wisdom of the crowd is the novel idea behind crowd-sourcing.   And of … Continue reading

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Buy / Vote / Give via #Action Hashtags

In general, hashtags have served as a way to tag and find content. They have been a tool for conversation. But what if you could actually make something physically happen, such as a purchase, via a simple social media post. … Continue reading

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The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Dan Pallotta, who invented the AIDS Ride fundraiser, just completed a TED talk in March about why the way we think about charitable giving is wrong and how we can change it. I urge you to check it out here: … Continue reading

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