Which is more valuable: your money or your reputation?

Image: http://www.michael9ja.com

Back in the day – first century B.C. –  Publilius Syrus, a prized writer of Caesar’s era quipped, “a good reputation is more valuable than money.”

I recognize Caesar himself as an early master of public relations; he penned his own reputation in “The Gallic Wars,” required reading for Latin students everywhere. Though written in the “form of terse, dry, factual reports that look impersonal and objective,” Caesar’s accounts of his military campaigns were masterfully written so that the “unsuspecting reader see Caesar’s acts in the light that Caesar chooses.”

But today, a good reputation can be bought (or at least digitally whitewashed), and we can all be published as Caesar did himself. Well, at least online.

Want to look great when employers, clients, friends, acquaintances, and dates Google you?

Check out BrandYourself, a site that allows you to “impress everyone with Google results that help you stand out from the competition… and suppress negative results and prevent future ones from appearing.” There’s a free DIY tool, paid concierge, and business services too. BrandYourself allows people to put “reputation management into their own hands”.

Veni, vidi, vici… dixi.     I came, I saw, I conquered… I said.

Reputation management for the modern age.

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1 Response to Which is more valuable: your money or your reputation?

  1. sydhavely says:

    So true and so well placed in its proper historical context. Well done, Betsy.

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