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Collective Action Forces SeaWorld to End Killer Whale Breeding

It started with the horrific and terrifying death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld’s Orlando, Florida theme park venue whose public performance with killer whale Tilikum on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 ended with her being dragged underwater and mauled, … Continue reading

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Slyce- A new social media platform for celebrities

As a celebrity, spending the time to engage with fans is a key to building the personal brand. But what if the celebrity is too busy to deal with it? One of the top players in the NBA, Golden State … Continue reading

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Dieselgate hits home

This post is part one of a series of ongoing posts.  They will continue until VW/Audi resolves their issues. Many of my friends tell me I am one of the luckiest people they know.  I am healthy, have many great … Continue reading

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A New Balance?

Could the rise of social media change the way companies market their products to the masses?  I came across an interesting article on Adweek’s website that discussed New Balance parting ways with their global creative agency of six years.  Arnold … Continue reading

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Effective Storytelling = Emotional Engagement

As a child, I found myself attractive to storytelling from elders more specifically my uncles. I eagerly anticipated visits from my uncles as a kid to indulge in their stories. I so loved to hear them share; I would set … Continue reading

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Sending a Lovely Message through Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the annual showcase of the marketing masterpiece. Companies dump budget to catch audience’s eyes by attracting commercial and campaign. This year, Mini will reveal its first commercial in Super Bowl since 2011 and launch a campaign “Defy … Continue reading

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Preview of Super Bowl 50 Ads Leaves this Viewer Yawning Except for Colgate’s

                       Behind-the-scenes from the Intuit Small Business Super Bowl 50 shoot. If $5 million buys you 30 seconds, you might reasonably expect the moral equivalent of SNL, Second City TV, … Continue reading

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