IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

We have all known a little bit about the answering machine–IBM Watson, through the game show Jeopardy! several years ago. As we were amazed, IBM Watson has been providing help in various areas, including medical research. As a matter of fact, IBM Watson is only part of IBM’s grand ambition; they also have other fantastic tools that are worth to take a look at. IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is one of the instruments, which actually analyzes words that people say or write and can produce interesting output.

Take a look here–

In the big time of social media, anything that people say or post can have unpredictable consequences. But via this tool, we might be able to find the pattern of certain types of people or events and even further make predictions based on the previous texts and analysis. For example, we can try to figure out if there is any potential connection between the stock prices of companies and the tweets that they post, or between leadership personality and the performances of companies in the next season, etc..

Now for fun. I actually typed some tweets that Mr. Trump posted in the Tone Analyzer and ran the analysis. Here is the output of Trump’s two tweets, which clearly represented two different emotions.















Interestingly, in the post where he obviously wanted to express joy, the output showed a great amount of anger; in the post where he evidently criticized some media, the analysis only interpreted 12% of conscientiousness. Maybe IBM Watson Tone Analyzer has some improvement in the algorithm to do, but it still says something. Meanwhile, back to my previous blog about how to be catchy on social media like Twitter, being extreme tends to draw people’s attention, and Trump apparently knows what he is doing anyway.

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One Response to IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post. The class seemed to pick up on the theme that you focused on–tone, content, meaning, and perception in written communications. Worth discussing more tonight.

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