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Why Millenials are Tuning out your Content

By 2020, millennials will control more than $1.4 trillion in spending power, so needless to say this is a group that brands must pay attention to, if they want to keep up with the competition.  62% of millennials feel that online … Continue reading

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Demistifying the Power of Social Media in Higher Ed Fundraising

The question of whether social media can have a real ROI in higher education fundraising has been answered with a resounding YES.  Columbia University was one of the front-runners that illustrated there are great rewards associated with developing a thoughtful, digitally … Continue reading

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Acura’s Social Strategy: March Memeness

Instead of simply purchasing video and banner ads, Acura is hoping to deliver a social media slum dunk by blitzing with pun-minded memes – a campaign they’re calling “March Memeness” which pushes the Acura 2016 ILX. They created 103 … Continue reading

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Facts Tell, but Stories Sell

Marketing Profs named 2015 “The Year of Video Marketing” – in a world where we’re inundated with messaging, marketers are using video to quickly grab their audiences’ attention in a short, by weaving their brands’ stories in a memorable format … Continue reading

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Some images are worth a thousand shares

We all know images are king of engagement when it comes to social media. There’s a lot of noise, and pictures seem to break through the chatter and demand attention. What kind of images are the MOST engaging, though? Here’s a look … Continue reading

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Social Media Stars Tapped for Access

Social media has made it possible for anyone to be a content producer; whether we realize it or not, we each have the opportunity to essentially run our own media company. While it’s certainly easier for celebrities to gain a … Continue reading

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J.C. Penney Debuts Second-Screen Engagement During the Oscars

We know you're not just some lines on a page. That's why we made #JCPLookBook. #JCPStyle — JCPenney (@jcpenney) February 23, 2015 User-generated content, real-time engagement, a charity component, gamification – all of these pieces can contribute to … Continue reading

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Pinning is about to get a lot more expensive

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites for a variety of reasons – it’s visually stimulating, easy to use and makes me feel like I have the ability to be domestic, even if I never actually make the … Continue reading

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Brands Let the Celebrities Steal the Show on Social

I have to say, I found that following #GRAMMYS on Twitter was far more entertaining than solely watching the live broadcast. The witty comments, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos capturing dance moves even from those who weren’t on stage held my … Continue reading

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Real Time Marketing, the Real Winner

Each year, advertisers invest millions of dollars and countless hours of work to be part of the Super Bowl action, in hopes of creating that perfect storm — an iconic commercial that elevates the brand and has an unprecedented sales … Continue reading

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