Is blogging dead?

While blogging every week in class, and working on our final social media campaign, I often wonder – is blogging still a beneficial tool to be using? With the plethora of social media platforms available to the user – is blogging dead?

 “With social media platforms becoming the online communication too du jour, and with smartphones and other devices becoming for many the preferred platform, blogs have fallen to the wayside in favour of shorter, punchier messages specifically tailored to hit a reader’s buttons.”

Blogging isn’t Dead. But Old-School Blogging is definitely Dying.  In today’s social media world, scale means social traffic. What can one do to keep up their social traffic? Blogs in the past had a conversational nature to them. Today, the conversations has dwindled as the nature of the consumer has changed. People are looking for quick, short, tid-bits of information. They want to learn something knew in less than 15 seconds. The consumer and reader no longer have the time to read through a long blog post, to then realize they need to read the week’s before to understand what they just read.

“Not only do blog posts need to be standalone, but they can’t even ramble very much. You need to make one clear point and avoid lots of distractions and “on the other hands.” This is because blog readers are casual readers, and if you start making lots of little side points, that’s what they’re going to respond to. Your main point often simply falls by the wayside. So keep it short and focused. If you have a second point to make, just wait a bit and write it up separately not as a quick aside open to lots of interpretation, but with the attention it deserves.”

Additionally, people are looking for professionalism. Before, people were blogging about their cats or their diets, they sometimes followed. The consumer want’s real, professionalized information – not someones opinion, the reader wants true facts.

“Plus there’s another side to professionalism: the rise of the expert blogger. There’s not much question in my mind that this permanently changed the tone of the political blogosphere, especially on the liberal side. There’s just less scope for layman-style noodling when you know that a whole bunch of experts will quickly weigh in with far more sophisticated responses. Add to that the rise of professional journalists taking up their own blogs, and true amateurs became even more marginalized.”

So, is Blogging Dead? Not yet. But the traditional blogging is close to it. Just like any other news source or social media platform – one needs to give the consumer what they want. Today, people are looking for quick, efficient information that they feel is real.

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