IFTTT Recipes for the Internet of Things

The Jetsons’ home was a fun image for our future lives to be fully connected and now the Internet of Things is making it a real possibility. Well known players like Nest and SmartThings can really transform our interactions with our inanimate objects around us. But what about the current price tags? For those of us that aren’t quite ready to throw $249 at a thermostat, how about a few IFTTT recipes?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a great app and website that allows you to create simple recipes to make the internet do things for you. Separated into IF statements and DO statements, you can make virtually any app take an action. Not into thinking about those things? Just browse some of the thousands of recipes people have already made to make their lives more seamless. Some of the more basic commands you could use for your “on-a-budget” home automation system could include

IFTTT Recipe: If it rises above ___ degrees outside then turn your A/C on connects weather to wink-aros Set your inside temp according to weather

IFTTT Recipe: Turn off your lights connects android-wear to philips-hue

Turn off your lights when you forget

While these simple commands are being used by many competitors already, the leaders (Nest and SmartThings are just a few) are the ones who really get how to make this a better life for you. Because while turning off lights with a phone or a clapper is fun, it isn’t really new – however, these recipes could really help you out.

IFTTT Recipe: Text a neighbor when your Nest Protect detects a smoke alarm emergency  connects nest-protect to android-sms

IFTTT Recipe: Call me if the liquor cabinet opens! connects smartthings to phone-call

The recipes cover a scope far bigger than just home automation. Everything from streamlining your social media platforms to alerts for the things you really care about – the possibilities are really endless. Play with a few of them to see what commands you can create or see what others have made to make your day just a little bit more connected!

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One Response to IFTTT

  1. sydhavely says:

    Very cool, Seth. You’re right about the Internet of Things and IFTTT is one solution.

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