Artificial Intelligence descends on the 60th Grammy Awards!


The 60th annual Grammy’s may not have robots strutting down the red carpet this year but instead will be hailed the first awards show to have its content generated by artificial Intelligence technology.  The IBM AI Watson platform has partnered with the Grammy’s to analyze the fashion and lyric data gathered during the Grammy’s.

This is arguably music’s biggest night to celebrate the current nominated artists and past performances and is lauded to be the most watched Grammy’s to date. With a plethora of media outlets for music fans to tune in, from the CBS network to online sites, this year’s Grammy’s is accessible to everyone. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are blowing up with the fans thoughts and feelings about the nominees, performances and fashion. And now all this data is being analyzed by an AI platform? This is the stuff right out of a Sci-F film!

The rhythm of algorithms is now being applied to lyrics and fashion through Watson’s fashion and lyric tone analysis tool. This technology will analyze the data from artists and celebrity images to identify emotion, color, style to automatically create similar content and collections.

The Watson platform will assess the emotional content of the music and lyrics, and identify the themes of joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust within each song.

This means that the Watson results for the fashion seen on the red carpet and song lyrics for the performances will be made available to fans live during the Grammy’s.

This tool is the same technology used throughout marketing departments to better understand and target consumers. This application looks for consumer patterns to help improve and understand the content targeted to us.

So what exactly is Watson and how does this technology work?

Watson is cognitive computing platform, a super computer, that can gather, observe, interpret, and evaluate information/evidence to conclude with a decision. It does this by understanding unstructured data much like the human brain.


Watson is not only being utilized to analyze the fashion and song lyrics at the Grammy’s but is being applied to social media algorithms, healthcare, and marketing strategies targeted at consumer and purchasing habits. This begs the question if Watson know us better than we know ourselves?

As the culture of social media evolves and we become more engaged with online media outlets our preferences and online activities will be collected and analyzed to create these algorithms to specifically target content to enact certain emotions.


Will Watson be able to now predict the best and worst dressed on the red carpet for future award shows before the fans weigh in? Or for that matter foretell whether a song will become the “hit of the summer” before it is even released? This social influence technology has the potential to be applied to many applications to gauge our reactions to various stimuli and disseminate the data to predict and influence our preferences. Watson could certainly transform our social media experience by streamlining the media content that we prefer to engage with but it also has the potential to homogenize that experience too.


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  1. sydhavely says:

    Thoughtful, on topic, well-written with easy to read paragraphs and catchy photos. Great post and worth talking about in class

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