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Adam studies social media, leadership, and many other things in Penn's Organizational Dynamics program. He also works as researcher. He can be found on Twitter as @preset.

Stop Social Networking From Taking Over Your Life … Or At Least Slow It Down

(Credit: The Simpsons) Keeping up, keeping track, and keeping an eye on everything’s that’s going on is daunting. Okay, impossible. We still try. Social media gives us access to a stream of information that keeps us updated up-to-the-minute on the … Continue reading

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RebelMouse: All Over the Place, and All in One Place

Social media is an experiment with no controls. Platforms will come and go. Companies and celebrities will continue to spend time and energy crafting Facebook profiles and pages, pushing content through Twitter and Instagram feeds, and tuning their blogs. They … Continue reading

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It’s Alive!!! … Blog

The pace of communication is unrelenting. As a consumer of media, one thing that has become valuable to me is the live blog, or near realtime single post updates on an event happening in the moment. Common in the technology … Continue reading

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Time to Rethink Time

This introduction is roundabout, but it’s worth retracing my steps to Douglas Rushkoff and his new book, Present Shock. I’ll start by not writing about him at all. I recently came across Mike Elgan, a technology journalist on Google+ with … Continue reading

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Calling it Quips

Quipio is a social network focused on sharing easily composed mini-posters using words and pictures. It’s mobile-focused, but the creations can go anywhere digital images can go once created. With a little help from Quipio, my iPhone, and Picasa, Google’s … Continue reading

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You’ve Heard of Trial by Media? Try Trial by Social Media

The verdict in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case was just handed down: guilty for the two football players who victimized an unconscious 16-year-old girl. Adam Cohen of Time Magazine called it The Case that Social Media Won. There were some unique … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Tried Wolf … ram

You may remember the introduction of Wolfram|Alpha, the world’s first computational knowledge engine. It’s very different from Google and other search avenues, primarily because it performs analysis on many data sources before returning an integrated, clearly presented answer to your … Continue reading

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The Tweet Goes On

We can’t live forever, but we can leave a digital imprint that acts like us long after we’re gone. Check out Adam’s video blog about, “your social afterlife.” Leave a comment if you find this disturbing, intriguing, or both!

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The Map is the Virtual Territory

There’s no substitute for seeing a visual representation of a  social network. For me, it gives a sense of space, time, and connection that’s hard to come by from plain list views of my relationships. LinkedIn Lab’s new InMaps tool … Continue reading

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Fan Engagement = Fun Engagement

For six seasons, I’ve been a huge fan of Psych on the USA Network, a show about a fake psychic detective, his pharmaceutical salesman sidekick, and their zany crime solving adventures. It’s replete with 80s references, inside jokes, running gags, … Continue reading

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