Calling it Quips

Quipio is a social network focused on sharing easily composed mini-posters using words and pictures. It’s mobile-focused, but the creations can go anywhere digital images can go once created. With a little help from Quipio, my iPhone, and Picasa, Google’s photo management and editing software, here are a few tiles to briefly capture some salient issues from Social Media and the Organization that are embedded in social media as a phenomenon, originating from books and articles we’ve read, guests who’ve spoken with us, or our own discussions.


In text only, that’s:

  • “Free” Services are Monetizing your Habits
  • Social Never Sleeps
  • Companies Don’t Own Brands. Customers Do.
  • Every Post Tells Your Story
  • Personalization = Filtering
  • Content is King
  • Connectedness, Commonality, Community
  • Experiment. Because It’s All an Experiment.
  • Engagement Takes Emotion

Just for fun and practice, I did a couple other tiles to capture my own reactions when people declare their exit, temporary or permanent, from social media sites like Facebook, only to come back later.


Keep calm and keep quipping.

About Adam Preset

Adam studies social media, leadership, and many other things in Penn's Organizational Dynamics program. He also works as researcher. He can be found on Twitter as @preset.
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