How Did You Spend Your 22nd Year of Life?

Photo courtesy of Apple Blogs

Photo courtesy of Apple Blogs

Today, Tech Insider ran an article that made every 20-something feel inadequate, hell even most 30-somethings had that reaction – but with good reason! Unlike Tai Tran, as a 22-year-old I was pretty ordinary. I was finishing college and starting graduate school. I was going to graduate school because I had no idea what I wanted to do actually do as a career… I can say with certainty that running a twitter account for Apple and teaching a course at UC Berkley wasn’t even something that crossed my mind as a possibility!

Tai Tran operates @AppleSupport on twitter, an account that was just started in early 2016 and already has 282k+ followers! The success of this newest Apple account can be credited to Tran’s intimate knowledge of social media marketing and his constant research in the field. He teaches a course on the subject at UC Berkley Haas School of Business and willing shares the majority of his course materials and contact information for anyone interested! All of this success landed him on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Marketing & Advertising.

His course at Haas breaks down the different social platforms and the ways in which marketers should utilize each channel.

Photo courtesy of Tech Insider

Photo courtesy of Tech Insider

Overall, Tran seems to integrate what he learns in by teaching into his work at Apple and use what he learns through working on @AppleSupport to teach at UC Berkley. He has integrated these areas of his life in order to achieve success at an age when most people are worrying about rent.

In a world where many companies still assume that age brings wisdom, Tran has challenged that thinking at Apple and distinguished himself as a true guru in the field. He regularly encourages people to utilize Millennial Though Leaders (such as himself) and encourages his students to network with those specific leaders in order to continue to grow.

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