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Are you a social media narcissist?

I always wondered why people are fascinated with taking selfies all of the time.  Pictures of them at the park, on dates, the meals that they make, while they are exercising, after they exercise, just sitting at home… get it….an excess … Continue reading

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Oscar Grant, 22, Oakland, CA, January 2009 Trayvon Martin, 17, Sanford FL, February 2012 Eric Garner, 43, Staten Island, NY, July 2014 Mike Brown, 18, Ferguson, MO, August 2014 John Crawford, 22, Beavercreek, OH, August 2014 Freddie Gray, 25, Baltimore, … Continue reading

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Personal Media

Tapstack, founded in 2014, is a one-tap moment-sharing app that is referred to as Snapchat for adults. We all know how Shapchat works, you send a picture or a 10 second video to your friends and when they open it, … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Troll Alert

Is someone stealing your Facebook identity? Facebook is being proactive by developing a tool that notifies users if someone has tapped into their account.  It’s called the troll hunter.  The tool will analyze the account names and profile pictures to … Continue reading

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What Will The Pope Post?

Pope Francis, also known as “The Cool Pope”, broke a record.  He has a new Instagram account and he had 1 million followers in under 12 hours.  Wow! When I initially saw a headline that Pope Francis uses social media, … Continue reading

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Until Digitally Disconnected Do Us Part?

  Most Facebook users are excited and happy to share loving pictures of their lives with their significant others.  Your friends are “liking” your posts and are genuinely very happy for you, but what happens when the relationship ends?  Do … Continue reading

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Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?

Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia? Long gone are the days when people watch hours of speeches about economic policy.  The ways to deliver information has changed drastically and the Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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Did You Boycott the 2016 Oscars?

I asked quite a few people if they were watching the Academy Awards and the replies were, “yes, I can’t wait to see what Chris Rock is going to say”, and boy, did he say it!  He was very unpredictable, … Continue reading

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Snapping Your Speed

Three young women in their early twenties were in a fatal car accident on December 20, 2015 in Philadelphia. Their car plunged into a tractor-trailer filled with herbicide, which caused the truck and car to burst into flames. How did … Continue reading

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Beyoncé – Super Bowl 50 Halftime

Uh-oh, uh-oh…Beyoncé does it again. Formation.  The new release of Beyoncé’s latest song has taken social media and the internet by storm! Once again, with no warning, she drops new music, and the world goes crazy!  This time, she does it … Continue reading

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