Are you a social media narcissist?


I always wondered why people are fascinated with taking selfies all of the time.  Pictures of them at the park, on dates, the meals that they make, while they are exercising, after they exercise, just sitting at home… get it….an excess of selfies!  They’re posted on Facebook, then simultaneously on Instagram and Twitter. I thought, who cares how someone spends every second of their day?  The person posting wants you to care.

Psychology Today seems to think that this behavior is one of the characteristics of a narcissist.  A narcissist is someone who finds a great sense of pleasure in admiring himself. There is a negative association with narcissists to the point that it is considered a personality disorder.  Being confident is one thing but when there is a person who is so full of himself, it becomes unhealthy and it’s very annoying to people around him.

This disorder isn’t harmful, but it is difficult for narcissists to create relationships.  Forbes magazine reports that “millennials could be the most narcissistic generation in history” because social media is a platform where narcissistic people go to hang out.  Being that social media is the way that most millennials communicate, it makes sense.

Some traits or a social media narcissist per Forbes are:

  • The Selfie Specialist – people who take and post an abundance of selfies because they are desperate for admiration
  • Addiction – people who constantly browse social media just to see how and if people are responding to their selfies
  • Life is great – people who give a false sense of their lives being great and embellishing things to give that impression.

This isn’t a disability but it can impact relationships and what people think of you.  This can be problematic in the business world, too, because if there is any type of negative feedback, there may be a tendency to argue back, which can be destructive to your career.

Click on this link to read more about social media narcissists,


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1 Response to Are you a social media narcissist?

  1. armour52 says:

    Yup. Sick of these people.

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