We are starting getting tired of Facebook

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Many of my friends are now getting tired of social media. Less people are posting what’s on their mind on Facebook. It seems that social media has become a place where companies fight for their profits.

recently added a lot of new people on Facebook. And some of them are employers. Some of them are classmates. My parents and my cousins are also on my Facebook. I started to be more careful before I post any material. I would now prefer not to put any my personal feeling on social media. I don’t want my employers to see my irrational sides. I want to be seen as professional.

There is an term called “social media fatigue”. This term refers to social media users who are become overwhelmed with too many friends and followers and too much time spent online. They are tired of maintaining these connections. They become bored and worried about their safety and privacy online.

Also researches show that social media confidence, social media privacy, social media self-efficacy, and social media helpfulness are concerned with the social media fatigue.

It is generally believed that confidence, self-efficacy and helpfulness would be negative related with SMF. And only concern for privacy would be positive related withe the SMF.

However, the result shows that self efficacy and helpfulness are positive related with SMF which is contrary to the hypothesis. The author explains that those who are very familiar with the social media use it wiser. As a result, they feel more fatigue about the social media. Since people are more aware of the impression management, people tend not to express their own emotions on the internet.

Moreover, the image shown above states that when information is overloaded, people are become more and more dissatisfied with the social media. As a result, people tend not to use the social media, leaving the area to the advertisement.

So the final question is how we can rebuild the social media if we can. Use the idea of system thinking. What if there is no social media. How can we create a new one.


Bright, L. F., Kleiser, S. B., & Grau, S. L. (2015). Too much Facebook? An exploratory examination of social media fatigue. Computers in Human Behavior, 44, 148-155.

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