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LinkedIn May Provide Clues for Creating A Better Personnel System

  As a human resources manager, hiring the right people and decreasing the turnover rate were the top two priorities. In order to have the whole picture, not only the internal information is needed, the current states in the job … Continue reading

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Social Media Is Changing the Education System

Five years ago when I was still in college, the professor of communication seminar was a pioneer in using social media to teaching. He created online discussion and shared the video he took in the class. The class did enjoy … Continue reading

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When New Technologies Meet Recruiting

Last week, I experienced how social media has changed talent acquisition. New technology is changing the recruitment as well- big data and algorithms, and this is referred as “people analytics.” Combining these tools, recruitment has become totally different than before. … Continue reading

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How The Internet and Social Media Benefit Elderly People

As we have noticed that internet world is not exclusive to younger generations, elderly people are rapidly catching up using the internet and social media to enrich their lives. The internet pulls out elderly people from isolation, create more interaction … Continue reading

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Defeating Ageism with Social Media

Social media is now a driving force of the society. It is a platform where we pick up information and headline, more importantly, it is where to provoke awareness and changes. In 2011, the Egyptian revolution was sparked by a … Continue reading

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Slyce- A new social media platform for celebrities

As a celebrity, spending the time to engage with fans is a key to building the personal brand. But what if the celebrity is too busy to deal with it? One of the top players in the NBA, Golden State … Continue reading

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How to keep company secrets internal?

With the growing use of social media, keeping company information confidential becomes challenging than ever. Sharing enjoyable working experiences and great customer service stories can create positive word of mouth for the company, yet it can be problematic if important … Continue reading

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Is it the time for social media education in schools?

Several things from the class last Tuesday gave me a new perspective on seeing social network. One is about the TED talk given by a 12-year-old app developer, Thomas Suarez; the other is about the presentation on “Impact of social … Continue reading

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How to capture the trend of Big Data

Big data has dramatically changed the way people work, think and do business over the past few years. Yet, applying big data to corporation is not an easy thing. It takes time, money and skills. McKinsey & Company conducts a survey … Continue reading

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Scrolling Through Facebook Might Make You Unhappy

As the most popular social media, Facebook has more than one billion people online every day. Facebook now becomes a platform not only for connecting with people, but for absorbing information and news happens around the globe. It changes our … Continue reading

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