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We are starting getting tired of Facebook

Many of my friends are now getting tired of social media. Less people are posting what’s on their mind on Facebook. It seems that social media has become a place where companies fight for their profits. I recently added a lot … Continue reading

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Why Watermelon Explosion Won the Live

It is interesting to notice that more than 3.2 million people watch the watermelon explosion on the Facebook Live, a newly released feather that allows people to share the Live with audience. The tedious watermelon explosion started with two workers … Continue reading

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Big data: What’s the meaning of big?

The biggest contribution of big data is merely its concept of its “big”. Thanks to the development of computers and statistics analysis, we are able to deal with the huge amount of data. As a result, companies are continuously gathering … Continue reading

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How to Design a Social Media Campaign

Debbie Hamley  gave us some useful advice on designing a social media campaign. He gave us the example of Whole Foods to show how Whole Foods managed the campaign. Here are the five advices. 1.Assemble a capable team He  pointed out … Continue reading

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“A4 waist Challenges” in China

A popular new social media trend in China is promoting the thin-waist, which is called A4 waist challenge. Women covered their waists by using a A4 paper horizontally, which is about 8.7 inches wide). The trend started from the Chinese … Continue reading

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More Old People Are On Social Media

It is interesting to notice that there is a increasing number of old people in the U.S. are using the social media. According to report by Pew Research Center in the late 2015, more that 35% of all people aged … Continue reading

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The End of Linkedin?

It is astonishing to notice that LinkedIn experienced a 44% 1-day decline on the fifth of February. Moreover, the recently P/E (price/earnings) and EPS (earning per share) are both negative, leading to a big concern to the customers. Although it … Continue reading

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