Social Media and Creative Marketing

Day it FOrward

It’s no secret that with the evolution of social media in the past few years it has given businesses a new and incredibly effective tool to market to their constituents.  The internet opened Pandora’s box when it comes to being able to push products in front of millions of people and finding different ways to be creative in that space seems to be getting harder and harder by the day as the noise continues to build with every brand known to man getting involved.  The brands and companies that find ways to do something new or penetrate a new market are the ones that will always find themselves staying relevant, and that is something I noticed today with Chevrolet.

Taking advantage of the Leap Day that occurs every four years, Chevrolet has been promoting the hashtag #DayItForward in an effort to promote random acts of kindness among their followers in Twitter.  I didn’t notice anything about this until this morning, but I find it interesting how a brand can take an idea for something like this and make it a real thing.  To my knowledge this is not a well established day in the eyes of anyone other than the marketing minds behind Chevy’s social media team, but because of their reach and the platform social media allows them to present something like this on, it is a reality for all of us.  They are framing it as an extra day to be kind, but it also gives them a chance to stand out.

A very creative idea taking advantage of social media’s reach.  Are the similar examples of things like this being done in the past?



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One Response to Social Media and Creative Marketing

  1. sydhavely says:

    Totally agree, Mike. Have seen other advertisers taking advantage of Leap Day like Chevy. Great post.

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