How to Start a Relationship on Facebook


Facebook is now becoming a popular way for people to know others. And people are excited to peep into others’ personal lives. It maybe difficult for a guy to ask for a girl’s mobile phone number at the first they meet. However, if the boy ask for her Facebook or Instagram, the girl is highly possible to give him, being willing to have more fans on her website.

More often, some boys are too shy to take the first move and Facebook can help them. If they know the name of the girl, they can search it on Facebook, waiting for the news of the girl. After talking about hours on Facebook, they may start the next step. They would start to hang out together and start to know each other’s friends.

So here are some tips for starting a relationship on Facebook.

First, post the best you on the Facebook.

If you are a big fan of sports, post your sports side on the Facebook such as your skiing photos, your hiking photos, your trip to the stadium. If you are funny, post the funny side of your lives. If you are rich, post your luxury lives on the Facebook. Generally, your hobbies would attract the same kind of people as you.

Second, try to talk through Facebook.

Facebook would be a easy tool for communication. You can speed hours thinking of a funny joke to make her laugh. If you can not do that, just Google “How to make a girl laugh”. That’s not hard.

Third, find the events she will attend, and go to that event.

Facebook has powerful activity sign-in process. So if you are friend of her, just look for what events she attend. Then you can meet her “accidentally”.

Fourth, Be yourself.

Please be the same you on the internet and off the internet. Give the other person an honest representation of yourself. And they can trust you.

Fifth, Talking about relationship

If you guys hang out well, consider asking her to be your girlfriend.

Wish you guys meet your beloved part of your life.

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  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting post, Xiwen.

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