‘Crotches Kill’: Canadian Campaign to Stop Distracted Driving

(Photo: Alberta Transportation)

(Photo: Alberta Transportation)

A racy new ad campaign aimed at distracted drivers is being rolled out across the Canadian province of Alberta.  The slogan is Crotches Kill.

The ads remind drivers to keep their eyes on the road and not down at their phones.

No doubt a crutch to many in the digital world (no pun intended).

PRI’s “The World” anchor Marco Werman speaks with Parker Hogan of the Alberta Ministry of Transportation about the campaign and its impact to date.

And who said Canadians don’t have a sense of humor?

Behavioral change is is a lot like the road to heaven.  Everybody wants to go but no one’s really sure how to get there.  Here’s a clever and innovative, not to mention tad controversial, attempt to get people to stop texting while driving.

Here’s Marco Werman’s 4-minute interview with Alberta’s Parker Hogan: Play


‘Crotches Kill’: Canadian Campaign to Stop Distracted Driving
19 hours


Click to play
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