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Making Connections for Better Health Care

During our mid-term presentations, we heard about how the Mayo Clinic is using social media effectively to connect with patients. Now, some new social ventures have tapped into this idea to make money by bridging the gap between social media … Continue reading

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Facebook Phone Home

There’s been a lot of talk about how Facebook has been slow to embrace the mobile wave. The company still hasn’t figured out how to monetize its mobile experience across a variety of mobile platforms. Last year, Facebook completely redesigned … Continue reading

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Peers, Inc.

Ten years after she founded Zipcar, Robin Chase has a new business venture. She and her husband have moved to Paris to start BuzzCar – a new service that allows individuals to rent out their personal vehicles to their peers in the … Continue reading

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Microsoft is waging a surprisingly open and negative war against Google in its quest to promote its mail service in favor of Google’s Gmail. The company has used Facebook and Twitter aggressively to tell its customers and followers that they … Continue reading

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The Face-to-Face Book

Annenberg School for Communication alum Ed Keller (ASC ’79), an expert and consultant in word of mouth research, co-wrote a new book about the rise of social media in marketing campaigns. Keller and his co-author (Brad Fay), after conducting significant research, concluded that … Continue reading

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Connect for a Cause?

Connect for a Cause is looking to raise money for charities (and itself) by making connections through its social media platform. First, you register and create a profile on the site. Then, you can auction off (or bid on) meetings … Continue reading

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Bird on a Wire (Twitter Launches Vine)

On Thursday, Twitter introduced a new video sharing app called Vine. According to the New York Times Bits blog: Vine allows users to shoot and share bite-size, six-second-long looping video clips. That constraint, Twitter said, meshes with its 140-character-or-less model … Continue reading

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