When New Technologies Meet Recruiting


Last week, I experienced how social media has changed talent acquisition. New technology is changing the recruitment as well- big data and algorithms, and this is referred as “people analytics.” Combining these tools, recruitment has become totally different than before. Three essential factors are necessary to achieve the new way of recruiting: social media, big data, and human.

Nowadays, almost all the recruitment activities take place online. The resume is not a piece of paper anymore. All your data can be searched online and your activities shown on social media become a part of your resume, which allows recruiters to understand candidate from different perspectives. Social media serves as the communication bridge connecting companies with the potential candidate. From Xerox’s experience of staffing its 48,700-person department, the use of social media cut the attrition rate of the call center by 20% and sufficiently increase the efficiency of communication.

The information embedded in social media platforms has extremely valuable insights that company should take the advantage. Companies can comb the Internet, especially in social media for details of candidates. Combined with received resumes, application and the result of tests, HR databases can be created. Then algorithms come to work on mapping out the optimal candidate pool with patterns, codes, and keywords. These digital tools provide quantification criteria for recruitment, which might be lacking in the conventional way of recruiting.

With all these technologies, what you need is not only the data but experts who can interpret the results. In addition, recruiting is all about storytelling. Only the people who can embrace and engage the storytelling are able to identify the right candidates. the information that big data provides can be a waste when people merely rely on the data to filter job candidates without mixing human perspectives to make the most of it.

A human plus machine approach will be the future of recruiting that compensate what traditional hiring might be missing and change “recruitment” dramatically. Combining social media, big data, and HR professionals, companies can more possibly hire the right people and develop its business via human capital more precisely and assuredly.



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2 Responses to When New Technologies Meet Recruiting

  1. sydhavely says:

    Just a great post, Tina. Question: where does instinct and chemistry fit in to the new recruiting technologies?

  2. tinachen2260 says:

    That is also a question that I am still trying to find an answer.
    Based on my experience, I deeply believe that instinct and chemistry play an important yet implicit role in recruiting. The new recruiting technologies might filter out those candidates with potential but do not meet the set-up criteria. I think one possible solution might be filtering out limited people and interview as many people as possible based on the budget and resource at hand. Once noticed that some outstanding candidates are eliminated by technologies, find out the characteristic of those people and reexamine the code and criteria in the technology system. This system can’t always be the same. It is an organic system that should be kept updating and fed with the feedback for the interviews and other recruitment events.

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