Frito-Lay Company says “Do us a Flavor”

lay can contest 2013Relating to what we spoke about in class last week and the social media efforts of Coco- Cola Journey, I found another interesting campaign from the Frito Lay Corporation named “Do us a Flavor.”   Frito Lay partnered up with Facebook to reach millions of chip eaters, and this time the consumer gets to call the shots.  The contest allows people to develop their own flavor of chip and the grand prize for the winning chip is 1,000,000 dollars.  The best part about is that we the consumer gets to vote own the best potential flavor.  So not only do we submit a flavor we also pick the ones that we feel would fancy our palate the most.    The flavors vary from Pork Egg Roll Kettle Cooked to Wavy Spicy Ranch.  I submitted my own and being a Philly guy I went with the Philly Wiz With (cheese wiz, fried onions and steak), wavy of course.

One visit to the site and you will be hooked its very addicting and fun to see all the creative flavors folks came up with.   I think this is a genius marketing strategy because it involves the consumer.   It allows people to take part in company goals and it forms a bond between the corporation and the general public.   The million dollar-winning prize isn’t bad either.  So I ask the class, how do you feel about this marketing campaign?  Is it a good idea?  I am also interested to know what flavor you can come up with, please leave your flavor below and check out the site and see for yourself; it’s worth a shot.

-Joe Lavin


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