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Being Data is Keeping You Safe

Big data is being used to help parole boards keep us safe.  Risk-assessment software, such as LSI-R and LS/CMI developed by the Canadian company Mutli-Health System, is used to process data in order to estimate the likelihood of a prisoner … Continue reading

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Work Remotely without Feeling Isolated

Amongst those who work remotely, some people who work from home have difficulty maintaining boundaries between work and other areas of their lives.  Sometimes people feel lonely working by themselves and need others around to help hold them accountable.  The coffee house … Continue reading

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Are digital ads converting to in store purchases?

Demonstrating the effectiveness of online advertisements in converting consumers to online purchasers has long been a part of Google’s toolbox.  The configuration of the internet enables Google to map the clicks, page views, and digital path of its users to analyze … Continue reading

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Twitter Amplify

Twitter and Billboard have announced a partnership to create a chart that tracks real-time conversations about music.  As music is the most popular discussion topic on Twitter, the objective of the collaboration is to create a new industry standard for tracking music … Continue reading

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Google Glass Improving Live Event Experience

During tonight’s highly anticipated NBA matchup between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, Pacers Sports & Entertainment introduced Google Glass as a new element of the in-game experience. The wearable technology enables fans at Bankers … Continue reading

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Whisper, why?

Contrary to the trend amongst social media platforms in which each user has a unique identifier, developers for apps such as Whisper, Secret, and Rumr are intent on establishing platforms that allow users to post anonymously. With 2.5 billion page … Continue reading

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Tweeting a Guide to Behavior Management

Twitter recently compiled data that broke down users emotions and behaviors by month and date for 2013.  Not surprisingly,  users were late for work with more regularity on weekdays during summer months than the months in fall, winter, or spring. … Continue reading

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