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Warning: This social media story will tug on your heartstrings

A 10 year old girl from Minnesota asked her mother for a “big girl” party this year…meaning she wanted friends to come. Her mom sent invitations to her classmates, and did not receive a single “yes”. 10 year old Mackenzie … Continue reading

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How to Make A Boring Product Shine

Have you ever heard of #lifewith3M? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. In an article by Forbes, I learned that 3M is the company that makes Ace bandages, Scotchgard, and Post-it notes, as well as other industrial products you’ve likely … Continue reading

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Banjo – A Revolutionary Product

In an article by Fortune by Heather Clancy, features a computer program called Banjo. This program “monitors billions of posts in real time across social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine.” The program has two major functions. The first is that … Continue reading

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Seaworld’s Latest Faux Pas

To continue our controversial conversation about SeaWorld, Mashable recently published an article about SeaWorld’s latest failed attempt to save their brand. The release of the documentary Blackfish in 2013 has launched a series of problems for SeaWorld, including a tarnished image … Continue reading

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Social Media Capital: Soon to Replace Financial Influence?

In a video created by INC, the founder of Delphi Group, Thomas Koulopoulos, “says social media influence will soon replace financial influence.” (FYI WordPress is not letting me embed the video, but its well worth watching!) He presents a controversial, almost radical … Continue reading

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Save the Brand! Delving into Crisis Simulations

I read a fascinating article by Casey Newton in The Verge called “Protect the brand or die trying: inside a fake social media crisis”. The article discusses a company called Polpeo, a subsidiary of the social media management firm eModeration, which … Continue reading

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The Impact of News on Social Media

In an article by CBS called “Millennials Rely On Social Media For News“, it describes the result of a survey that shows that younger populations are increasingly relying on social media for news sources, rather than traditional means like newspapers and … Continue reading

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