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Google vs. Snapchat

Executives at Snapchat may be starting to sweat, and for good reason.  The search giant just recently launched a new mobile magazine format similar to that of Snapchat’s Discover.  In Discover, Snapchat users are exposed to content generated by major … Continue reading

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Internet for All: Global Internet Solutions and their Future Impact

Around 40% of the global population has internet access (Internet Live Stats). There are obvious benefits to increasing access that extend from increasing a buying market, to providing access to micro-loans to poor populations, to providing education to the world, and … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg: Silicon Valley Pioneers

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the film Jobs based on the life story of innovator, rebel, and Apple Computers founder Steve Jobs and I was inspired by it immensely.  Every once in a while a … Continue reading

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Google Glass Improving Live Event Experience

During tonight’s highly anticipated NBA matchup between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the two best teams in the Eastern Conference, Pacers Sports & Entertainment introduced Google Glass as a new element of the in-game experience. The wearable technology enables fans at Bankers … Continue reading

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Geographically Speaking

I find myself constantly rushing from one place to another these days. I feel I barely have a moment to catch my breath. I know I’m not the only one who feels my days are all too busy.  It’s hard … Continue reading

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Showcase Chrome’s Web Speech API by Creating a Silent Film with the Peanut Gallery

Recently Google announced its new update to Chrome. It now has Web Speech API which you can think of as Siri for Google. You can compose emails using only your voice. This is perfect for someone like my mother who only … Continue reading

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Microsoft is waging a surprisingly open and negative war against Google in its quest to promote its Outlook.com mail service in favor of Google’s Gmail. The company has used Facebook and Twitter aggressively to tell its customers and followers that they … Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce of Online Advertising?

Who has seen an advertisement on their news feed that has made them stop in their tracks?….. Well I have. The one in the picture above was well positioned as I have been searching the web for kitchen ideas. When I … Continue reading

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See the Future?

A friend of mine who works for google posted a photograph of himself on facebook this week wearing the new google glasses.  I hadn’t yet seen this new technology so I immediately had to do – what else – but … Continue reading

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The Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights

According to this article on Bloomberg.com called Obama Turns To Web Industry for Consumer Privacy Standard, “the Obama administration unveiled an initiative to give consumers more control over their personal information online, calling on Internet companies such as Google Inc. … Continue reading

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