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Super Bowl ads get political and spark social media engagement, but do they lead to increased product sales?

If you were hoping to watch some playful, comedic Super Bowl commercials, last night’s ads were different than what we usually see.  The commercials were littered with deeper political meanings, continuing with the current trend of sparking unruly social media commentary. … Continue reading

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Read this… so you don’t get fined

What makes for a successful Super Bowl Media Day interview? Preparation. Spirit. Energy. …Or you can just give the same answer to any question. Marshawn Lynch’s choice of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” just might make this interview … Continue reading

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A Super Bowl: High Chex Mix-pectations

With all of the hype surrounding Super Bowl #47 last night I had to ask myself, what are we trying to take away from it really? And why do we have such high expectations? I have spent most of my … Continue reading

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Oreo Turns Super Bowl Blackout Into A Slam Dunk

Oreo CookieVerified ‏@Oreo Power out? No problem. pic.twitter.com/dnQ7pOgC The Super Bowl was delayed for 34 minutes during the third quarter as a result of a power outage.  Its understandable having the electricity go out in the middle of one of … Continue reading

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A Not So Sneaky Peak

  Mercedes released a preview of their Super Bowl commercial on Monday.  The commercial, posted via YouTube, created a flurry of rumors on social media sites and blogs that it was a leak. This included an article in the New … Continue reading

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What Were The Best Social Media moments of Super Bowl XLVI?

What were the leading social media moments of Super Bowl XLVI? Cory Bergman posted this on the Lost Remote website. IN the article called Biggest, Record Setting Social Media Moments of The Super Bowl he writes: The Giant’s fourth-quarter victory … Continue reading

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The Twitter Brand Bowl 2011 winners are…

Today on his web site Brian Solis has an excellent analysis of the use of twitter during the Super Bowl here. Who were the winners? He explains: Working with the PeopleBrowsr Research.ly team, we tapped the Twitter firehose to analyze … Continue reading

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