The Second Amendment takes aim at the First Amendment!


The NRA has released a new “freedom is the safest place” ad campaign and within it the NRA claims they are the defender of free speech and they plan on exercising their free speech.

The NRATV ads, featuring Dana Loesch, an American conservative political commentator and a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association (NRA), is attacking the New York Times by holding a lighter to a copy of the New York Times. With a tentative click of the lighter, she stops short of actually lighting the paper, saying, “You guys are doing a good enough job burning down your reputations all by yourselves.”

These are a series of ads whose singular message is disguised as a scare tactic to insight fear into their society, that you cannot trust the message the press, specifically the New York Times for being a deceitful promoter of an “anti-freedom agenda” according to Loesch.  These messages are further dividing the country with its finger pointing and calls on its members to save America by fighting liberals.

The NRA’s targets these “service announcements” to continue to bolster their agenda and message as a call to arms to sell more guns. As a marketing arm of the gun industry, the NRA has long understood that fear sells.

UCLA law Professor Adam Winkler states that “The NRA has been remarkably successful as a political organization because of its ability to shift to reflect changing demographics.”

This is an important distinction because when the Republicans took office in 2017, the NRA has seen a sharp drop in gun sales. There is a direct correlation between the rise in gun sales during the Obama administration and the decline in sales since Trump took office.


Now that the NRA agenda dodged a bullet and has the full support of Capitol Hill, their fears of gun control legislation is now a shot in the dark. What is the NRA to do if gun production drops, well of course, they create a strategy intended to alarm their supporters.

When a marketing campaign is directed at humanities basic needs, it is very powerful. The caliber for safety runs deep within humanity and setting their sights on the American people to take aim at their safety will directly boost gun production.

These advertisements have been gaining traction and have been viewed on social media by millions and are mostly NRA supporters who will take this message to heart.  The critics have voiced that these advertisements are authoritarian hate propaganda that has the potential to incite violence and can be seen as a call for a civil war.


The NRA has created a culture for its supporters and they are loyal followers who are passionate about their guns.  The NRA has the same type of relationship the Church has with its congregation because they were successful in tapping into the fear gene and the promoting the belief that the NRA is their salvation.

If the true intention is indeed for these advertisements to instill fear into the people, mission accomplished, but at what cost…more American lives?

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2 Responses to The Second Amendment takes aim at the First Amendment!

  1. sydhavely says:

    This is a gripping blog post. It reminds me of one of the best conspiracy movies I’ve ever seen, “The Parallax View,” starring Warren Beatty, a newspaper reporter infiltrating a right-wing assassination organization. Here’s the scene from the organization’s test for its recruits. Reminds me of the “Freedom’s Safest Place” clip in your blog. The resemblance is chilling.

  2. familydiscountauto says:

    Down right scary stuff here, Heather.

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