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Is social media starting to run our lives?

Social media and the world of filters has given many people the opportunity to change their looks, almost completely. Have you ever met someone in person that looks nothing like their photo online? Instagram is the biggest “filter” facing social … Continue reading

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Be A Leader, Start A Movement

It was mentioned in class last night how simple it is to start something especially now with Social Media. We all have the opportunity to be leaders and to start movements, but how? Where do we start? Is it really … Continue reading

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Has Social Media Motivated More People to Become Healthy?

Has the power of social media motivated more people to become healthy? Or is it having the opposite affect on people? The more blogs I read about this, the more I am finding that it really does inspire people to … Continue reading

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Lets talk Politics… with Social Media, OF COURSE!

Social Media is becoming one of the main driving forces behind political campaigning. Why? Because it is affordable, but more importantly it reaches millions and millions of people just by a simple post.  The game changer with social media is … Continue reading

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Instagram algorithms..

According to The Telegraph, “on Tuesday night, Instagram announced that it would begin ordering posts using an algorithm that tries to guess what the user wants to see, changing the chronological feed it has used since it was founded in 2010.” … Continue reading

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What is Catfish? Have you ever been Catfish-ed?

Catfish is something that is becoming more and more understood as social media expands. Catfish in the internet world means that someone is acting like someone they are not via the internet to gain attention from someone else. Right now … Continue reading

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STALKING & Social Media

Erin Andrews, the sports newscaster had her whole life ahead of her until someone decided to sabotage her. Andrews was staying at a hotel while she worked for ESPN when she was filmed without even knowing. This video was then … Continue reading

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